‘Tipsy’ Adnan Siddiqui showers ‘Qayamat’ praise on Ahsan Khan 

By: News Desk      Published: 02:55 PM, 15 Jul, 2021
‘Tipsy’ Adnan Siddiqui showers ‘Qayamat’ praise on Ahsan Khan 

Voila! Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui didn’t hesitate to shower ‘tipsy’ praises over host Ahsan Khan while he held a cigarette in his hand.

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While it seems there was preparations going on for a segment of Time Out with Ahsan Khan in which actor Adnan Siddiqui was invited as a guest, a video from the sets of the show has gone viral over the internet in which Ahsan Khan is being highly applauded for his acting in drama serial ‘Qayamat’.

The video clip which is doing rounds on social media consists of Adnan Siddiqui in a disoriented state, smoking a cigarette and telling Ahsan passionately how he loved Mr Khan’s acting in one of his projects known as ‘Qayamat’.

Social media users have decided to attack Adnan Siddiqui over losing his ‘magical grace’ and how the actor doesn’t seem to be doing fine in the clip.

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Many have accused the renowned showbiz personality of being ‘drunk’ while some have cautioned him to refrain from smoking in front of the camera as people look up to him.