NA becomes fish market as Shehbaz delivers budget speech

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Published: 07:02 PM, 15 Jun, 2021
NA becomes fish market as Shehbaz delivers budget speech
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The national assembly Tuesday represented the image of a fish market as opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif tried to make his speech to initiate the discussion on the budget 2021-22, reported 24NewsHd TV Channel.

As soon as Shehbaz Sharif started to deliver his speech the member on the government benches started creating a ruckus. Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Pervaiz Khattak, Fawad Chaudhary, Umar Ayub, Murad Saeed, Ali Ameen Gandapur, Muhammad Ali Khan and others stood next to their seats and started creating a ruckus.

Shehbaz said that he was not able to deliver his speech yesterday (Monday) due to the pandemonium created by the government benches.

He said it never happened in history that such an attitude has been adopted by the government benches when opposition member speaks in the assembly.

He said to Speaker National Assembly that he was responsible for bringing the shame to the assembly and the history will never forgive him.

During his speech, PTI’s Ali Nawaz Awan and PML-N’s Sh Rohail Asghar threw at each other budget booklets and used abusive language.

The PML-N MNAs made a circle around took Shehbaz Sharif. Speaker Asad Qasier tried to control the situation but failed and has to suspend the session for 20 minutes.

When the session resumed, the same happened again as government members continued to create noise through slogans, whistles and drumming the desks as Shehbaz Sharif resumed his speech in the circle of PML-N MPAs.

He said PML-N has established power generating and other CPEC related projects in record time.

He said the current government has brought millions of people below the poverty line. “When this government took Rs3420billion new loan, there was no doubt that it would bring a tsunami of inflation.”

He said Imran Khan who was used to give speeches while he was on the container has imposed so many indirect taxes that had not been imposed in the last 15 years.

"Imran Khan Niazi promised 10 million jobs. Where are those jobs?" asked Sharif. "Where are the $300bn that were supposed to be brought back to the country from abroad?"

Continuing to lash out at the government, he said that PM Imran Khan's claims of eliminating corruption from Pakistan were hollow.

"Pakistan is suffering from the worst form of corruption today," he said. "No act of posting or transferring someone these days is done without an element of corruption these days," added Shahbaz.

He criticised the government's budget, saying that it had failed to provide relief to the masses amid spiralling unemployment and inflation.

Speaker Asad Qaiser kept interjecting, requesting lawmakers on the treasury benches to refrain from shouting while the leader of the Opposition spoke.

However, no one listened and the Opposition leader continued, wearing headphones to drown out the noise.

"They accuse us of generating 'useless power'. If that is the case, why are people suffering from loadshedding these days?" asked Shahbaz.

Shahbaz said that during the government of his brother, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan had set up power plants across the country and ended the menace of loadshedding.

He said the country was heading towards economic prosperity then, whereas now, everything was on the decline, even the per capita income.

He said the government has not mentioned whether this budget was made under the guidelines of the IMF or not.

He said the government was telling white lies for the last three years and challenged the finance minister to come to the assembly and declare that no new tax has been imposed.

He said there is information that the government has imposed Rs383billion in new taxes in the budget and has also imposed a 17 percent sales tax on LNG and crude oil to make the life of people more hellish.

The opposition leader said when the incumbent government was handed over the old Pakistan, the growth rate was 5.8 percent despite the fact that terrorism was at its peak at that time and the PTI has made the matters worse by staging a six-month sit-in.

He said whenever you want to talk about inflation and the life of the poor you would find the seat of PM Imran Khan empty in the assembly.

He said the poor are worried about winning their bread and the current government has destroyed the lower middle class.

He demanded of Imran Khan to reveal the details deal with the IMF and what role has been played by the world powers in brokering a deal with the IMF.

Shehbaz claimed that the PML-N government has established drug testing labs and Nawaz Sharif initiated the health card project while the current government was the only specialist in putting the nameplates at the already completed or initiated projects.

He said they gave Rs20billion in scholarships to the poor students. He said they gave away the laptops to the students and the same has been utilized by the students to further their education during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shehbaz said they also initiated the 3G and 4G technology in the country while it was Nawaz Sharif who brought all the national leadership on one table after the attack on the APS School and ended the terrorism in the country through National Action Plan.

He said the government has only one motto and that is to put the opposition to the wall but in the elections, the people will put the PTI to the wall.

At this point a fight again broke between the opposition and government benches and a booklet was thrown at the opposition leader during his speech.

Soon the war of throwing budget booklets ensued again and the speaker has to suspend the session again for 10 minutes. However, the fight between the opposition and the government members continued during this period as well and the national assembly secretariat has reinforced itself with the additional sergeant at arms from the senate secretariat.

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