Shameless Zionist action to silence media reporting Gaza destruction

By: Salim Bokhari      Published: 09:35 PM, 15 May, 2021
Shameless Zionist action to silence media reporting Gaza destruction
A ball of fire erupts from the Jala Tower as it is destroyed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City, controlled by the Palestinian Hamas movement, on May 15, 2021. AFP

Without an explanation before and after, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu-led Zionist entity had bombed destroying the Media Tower in Gaza where several international media outlets were housed. Besides this, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and police have been harassing journalists reporting atrocities being committed against unarmed Palestinian people in different parts of Gaza. There are reports that some media representative were beaten and thrashed as well.

It was one hour before the bombing of the Media Tower that Israeli authorities ordered to vacate the building that also housed the Bureau offices of The Associated Press and Aljazeera television. The 12-storey building was razed to the ground within few seconds.

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The main objective of the Zionist action, observers believe, was to stop live coverage of events in the Aqsa Mosque and Gaza where the death toll has already crossed 150.

But what is more hurting is the fact that all international journalistic organisations are still tight-lipped leave alone any condemnation from the Western countries who claimed to be the champions of Human Rights and Press Freedom.

But the worst role is that of the United States which had delayed the United Nations Security Council session to be held on Thursday to Sunday in which Israeli atrocities were to be reviewed and an immediate ceasefire could be affected. This US action has provided an opportunity to the Zionists to kill the Palestinians at will. It was in fact, giving the Netanyahu regime a free licence to play havoc with people’s lives and their properties.

The CNN TV and the BBC World News are also playing a shameful and dirty role in airing only a very little coverage of events in Gaza while on the other hand justifying clod-blooded murder of the Palestinian men, women and children giving the Netanyahu regime the benefit of acting under self-defence.

But no one is believing or convinced on this pretext of self-defence since IDF started the action first in al-Aqsa Mosque when they opened fire on the people offering their prayers without any provocation. This led to the escalation of the conflict since the Palestinians started protesting in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Where is the United Nations, The European Union, Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Arab League and various human rights bodies? Why have they been silent over the killing in cold-blood of innocent and un-armed Palestinian people whose hearts start bleeding if two Christians or Jews are killed anywhere across the world?

The more shocking is the criminal silence of the entire Muslim world barring perhaps Turkey, Iran, Syria and to some extent Pakistan where protest rallies were held in major cities to condemn the Zionist armed campaign in an attempt to occupy the Gaza Strip, the eastern part of which is already under Zionist control.

This criminal silence is unpardonable by any standard because it has led to the killing of a large number of Palestinians for no fault of theirs. This has encouraged the Zionist entity to continue its killing spree with no check or control.

One such example is that when Hillary Clinton, who was then contesting Presidential elections, visited Israel and addressed a joint press conference. During this presser, Prime Minister Netanyahu told her in point-blank terms IDF would continue to kill Palestinians who are a threat to his country. She heard such a blatant statement and did not condemn it. Similarly, no world leader issued any statement on this arrogant attitude.

Pakistan on its part has, so far, only did a lip-service to the Palestinian cause and Zionist atrocities except for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweet and a few small protest rallies organised by Allama Tahir Ashrafi. Islamabad Foreign Office failed to convene an emergency session of the Un Security Council or the OIC.

Diplomatic observers are of the view that Pakistan could act differently to approach the world leaders urging them to stop the ruthless killings of the innocent Palestinian people. Another option, they say, could be Prime Minister Imran Khan to address the nation on radio and television networks expressing solidarity with them.

According to these observers, yet another option could be to convene a joint session of the Parliament and pass a strongly worded resolution condemning Zionist atrocities and urging for an immediate stop to attacks on Gaza resulting in casualties.

Israel is surrounded by various Muslim states but it is painful to see no one initiating any action to help their Palestinian brothers suffering at the hands of Zionists picking up bodies of their near and dear ones every passing minute.

Why the Muslim world is deaf and dumb to the killing of the Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir and Afghanistan? The apparent reason is perhaps that in most of these countries unpopular regimes are ruling, therefore, they are gutless to stand for the Islamic causes?

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