Actress Sana Khan fumes as pandemic ruined her first Eid after marriage

By: News Desk      Published: 11:49 AM, 16 May, 2021
Sana Khan
File photo.

Former Bollywood actress, model and dancer Sana Khan is downright agitated that her first Eid after marriage had to be conducted during the current gruelling Covid-19 situation.

Actress Khan had been eagerly looking to celebrating her first Eid with her in-laws rather lavishly and is not very happy that the pandemic ruined her high hopes.

Sana said, “Very very different, I’m married and this would be my first Eid after the wedding. I have a new family, it’s not just me with my mother. So, I have been looking forward to it”.

Sana talked in detail about how the month of Ramazan holds immense importance to her since she was very young and each year she tries harder to make the month more special.

“This month is all about prayers where Allah open his door for forgiveness, mercy and barkat (prosperity). When you are a child you don’t understand the importance of Ramazan, you wait for Eid because we get to wear new clothes, get Eidi but when you grow up you understand Ramazan is more important,” Sana declared passionately.

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The actress is taking a stand through her foundation known as Hayat Welfare. She is trying to help out and provide medical provisions to those who need them.

“We are working on setting up a hospital of 50 beds. It’ll have an ICU, ventilators, team of doctors, oxygen cylinders and even BiPAPs. There is a hope of 50 extra beds. From the bottom of my heart I feel nobody should come and everyone should stay fit but if they do need, we have the provision to help them”. 

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Sana further says, “It is very very depressing to see what is happening, it brings tears to my eyes. I called my sister crying because it is hard to see all this”. 

Sana took it upon herself to contribute towards a tolerable environment over Eid and decided to distribute Sheer Khorma through her foundation.

Sana explains, “We all are suffering due to the pandemic, very tough situations. We have to be very careful and do whatever we can. Last year, during Ramadan, I did whatever I could to serve people. We served around 1000 people every day. To do something like this we need funds. This is what I realised. I decided to dedicate a percentage of my earnings to the foundation so that my business keeps feeding my foundation and we always have some funds ready. People do donate and give money but every time there might not be adequate funds”.

Sana Khan is a 32-year-old former Indian actress, model and dancer. 

She was a contestant at the Indian reality show Bigg Boss and ended up being a finalist.