Did Yasir Hussain intentionally embarrass Nausheen Shah?

By: News Desk      Published: 05:41 PM, 16 May, 2021
Did Yasir Hussain intentionally embarrass Nausheen Shah?
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It is no secret that Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain has provoked every other personality of the Pakistani showbiz industry except his beloved wife – renowned actress Iqra Aziz.

But it is well known that karma can be very brutal. Right?

During Nida Yasir’s Eid segment director Nadeem Baig uttered out a startling truth which we think might prove to be shattering for Yasir’s image and his authenticity too of course!

Nadeem Baig was asked to share a few words about Yasir Hussain but he ended up sharing something huge.

The director declared that Yasir had previously requested for a question to be included in the show by Vasay Chaudhry.

The question was: “Did any guests crash your wedding?”

Yasir said, "One of the famous personalities that attended the event 'forcefully' was Nausheen Shah”.

Nadeem explained, "We did a show where we called him as a guest. It became centre of a controversy as well when he took Nausheen Shah's name when Vasay asked him to name a celebrity who just showed up at Yasir's wedding unannounced”.

He further added, “Vasay was called out as well for asking such a question. However, the truth is my associate went to him and queried if he wanted a particular question to be asked. While getting his makeup done, Yasir quipped to ask him who came up to his wedding without an invitation."

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"We never knew he was going to take Nauheen's name but he [Yasir] told us to ask this question," Nadeem concluded.

Well, now it is certainly evident that Yasir wanted Nausheen to become the subject of ridicule as he intended to pose her as the uninvited guest.

But the main question is: Why does Yasir Hussain want to ridicule every showbiz member?

And certainly why is he always in a mood to attack and bully?

May Yasir Hussain find peace!