Hira Mani consults son on whether she should get lip surgery done

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 03:33 PM, 16 May, 2021
lip surgery
A still from the vide.

Pakistani television actress Hira Mani uploaded a rather interesting set of small clips on her Instagram.

While having one of the increasingly intense filters turned on, Hira Mani contemplates with the help of her son Muzammil whether she should get her lips to look like the filter. 

Young Muzammil feels Hira looks better in a lighter shade of lipstick which she used to apply before and doesn’t approve of Hira wearing much darker shades of lipstick now.

To this, Hira lets everyone know that Muzammil prefers when Hira just puts on a lip tint.

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Hira tells her son ‘Muzammil ab dunya change horahi hai’. (Muzammil the world have evolved now).

‘Ab mujhe is tarah ke lips banana parte hain lekin yeh tou fake hain’. (Now I have to make my lips look like this which is fake).

Hira Salman who is an exceptional actress indirectly points towards a very popular trend which is observed in our country and also elsewhere.

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She leaves a witty statement that the world has changed and getting lip surgery done is the norm now as everyone prefers fuller bigger lips.

She also comments that she has to ‘make’ her lips look like ‘the accepted version of beautiful lips’ which actually reflects upon how the standard of beauty in our culture is acquired through fake features. 

Here is Hira’s post. Have a look: