‘Pyar Ke Sadkay’ latest episode is just cute

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 01:26 PM, 17 Apr, 2020
‘Pyar Ke Sadkay’ latest episode is just cute

Well, we all agree that ‘Pyar Ke Sadqay’ is a serial that we look forward to, especially during quarantine life.

The undeniable chemistry between Abdullah (Bilal Abbas Khan) and Mahjabeen (Yumna Zaidi), an unaware mother (Atiqa Odho), the selfish and manipulative stepdad (Omair Rana) or others, everyone has perfectly portrayed their carefully written characters.

The latest episode started with the scene where Abdullah was taking Mahjabeen along with him to Shanzay's place. On their way, Abdullah tells Mahjabeen not to embarrass him.

A rather awkward encounter took place when they got there. Shanzay's fiance Eesa taunts her as he points at Mahjabeen and says, "seekho en se kuch, aisi hoti hain beewiyan."

Abdullah and Mahjabeen looked like a happy couple gushing about each other.

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Bilal Abbas Khan, with his extremely innocent expressions, never fails to win our hearts, and the duo once again made us go all aww with their chemistry.

The tension in the room rises as Shanzay inquires Abdullah about his sudden decision to tie the knot.

You can see a subtle shift in Abdullah's body language as if he was trying to comprehend her move. On the other side, Shanzay's fiance openly insults her for her choices in front of them, making the situation more awkward, and Abdullah's presence as a loving and devoted husband was a downer for her as well.

The episode further continues, followed by a cute scene of Abdullah and Mahjabeen. She wants her husband to take a picture of her as a bride. Abdullah refuses but later fails to resist. One has to acknowledge the brilliance with which Bilal Abbas Khan carries his character and the dynamic set of acting skills he possesses. It also reminds us of his role as Qasim in O Rangreza. He outshines himself in his current role as Abdullah.

When Phuppo (Sharmeen Khan) invites them over for lunch and Sarwar gets to know about it, the evil stepdad scolds Abdullah in front of the manager, telling him that employees are not allowed to leave for lunch during office hours.

So when he couldn't make it to lunch and arrived at Phuppo's very late, a very angry Washma (Srha Asghar) shouts at him, and Abdullah ends up spilling the beans.

Bilal Abbas Khan once again, stands out with his performance, and we can’t help but feel for the poor boy as gets the job done of evoking all the right emotions in the audience.

The episode concludes with a climax, and things take an ugly turn when Munshi Jee finally tells Mansoora the truth. A very pissed begum sahiba orders him to leave her house and never come back.