Pakistani couple wedding in Ertugrul style goes viral

Pakistani couple wedding in Ertugrul style goes viral

Ever since the Turkish series Ertugrul started airing on PTV, Pakistanis have gone crazy over the show.

From avidly following the exploits of Ertugrul on TV to stalking the actors and actresses playing the roles on social media, it is safe to say that Pakistanis are obsessed with the historic drama.

Recently, a Karachi couple wedding in Ertugrul style took the internet by storm. Just as Ertugrul’s Ghazi’s tribe carried out their weddings, this couple from Karachi did just the same.

The signature ‘Allah o Akbar’ style circling before the couple. Men with swords and shields standing in line before the couple walk gives shades of Ertugrul wedding.

In the background, the thematic music played by Ertugrul makes the scene ever more realistic.

A person in the video could be seen chanting: “Kya Farhan apni wife ko khush rakh paega?” And Kya Farhan ne kisi dukhaya ka dil?”

People on social media have praised the couple and wished them best of luck.