High-voltage love: Angry wife makes man climb a power pylon

By: News Desk      Published: 04:10 PM, 17 Dec, 2020
High-voltage love: Angry wife makes man climb a power pylon

They had a fight over some domestic issue and the wife got angry. She wasn’t talking to him, she wasn’t even paying attention to him. He failed to make her change her mind. But he loved and couldn’t bear this. So what step did he take next? Well! He climbed up a power pylon.

It happened in Kandhkot where, 24NewsHD TV channel says, Nadeem Jamali decided to take his own life. As he climbed up the pylon, a large number of people gathered there to watch the episode.

But then came a dramatic twist as the angry wife reached the spot to convince him. So the lucky Jamali decided to climb down after seeing her doing this.

Although this story has had a happy ending, people must avoid repeating this at their homes or the nearest power pylons for multiple reasons.

Firstly, domestic fights cause mental torture to both sides no matter who is the real boss at your home. Certainly, this practice is injurious to health.

Secondly, even thinking about bringing another wife is a bad idea given the alarming inflation we are currently facing. In fact, polygamy has never been a good idea. It only triggers further disputes and results in an unbalanced life.

And lastly, don’t even try to climb up any electric pole or the top of any high-rise building. You don’t know whether she will have any change of heart and arrive there to save you.