18 flights cancelled as fog lands at Lahore Airport’s runway

Six flights diverted to Islamabad from Lahore and Sialkot

By: News Desk      Published: 10:45 AM, 17 Dec, 2021
18 flights cancelled as fog lands at Lahore Airport’s runway
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As many as 18 international and domestic flights have been cancelled at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport as the thick fog has engulfed the runway preventing landing and taking off of the planes, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

The Airport Inquire also divulged on Friday that another 22 flights were facing delays.

The cancelled flights included: PK-186 flight coming from Sharjah, PK-204 flight coming from Dubai, PA-406 flight coming from Karachi, PA-306 flight coming from Karachi, PK-302 flight coming from Karachi and PK-303 flight going to Karachi.

PA-401 flight going to Karachi, PA-402 flight coming from Karachi and PA-408 flight coming from Karachi have also been cancelled.

In a related development, six flights bound for Lahore and Sialkot Airports have been diverted to Islamabad International Airport during the last 14 hours.

These flights were: International flight QR-626 was coming from Doha and was due to land at Sialkot Airport, however it has now landed Islamabad Airport after being diverted due to fog

Flight PK-204 also landed at Islamabad Airport after it was diverted while flying from Dubai to Lahore. ER-724 coming from Dubai to Lahore, PA-411 coming from Dubai to Lahore, PK-9716 coming from Kuwait to Sialkot and PA-413 coming from Sharjah to Lahore were all diverted to Islamabad where they have landed.

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According to sources, all the passengers were sent to their respective destinations through buses.

Reporters Saeed Ahmad Saeed and Usman Javed