Ertugrul actress Didem Balçın opens up on Selcan role, summers and marriage in pandemic

By: News Desk      Published: 10:16 PM, 17 Jul, 2020
Ertugrul actress Didem Balçın opens up on Selcan role, summers and marriage in pandemic

Turkish drama series Dirlis: Ertugrul has taken Pakistani audience by storm since PTV started airing the globally acclaimed historical biopic in Urdu. And the availability of the drama on YouTube and Netflix with English subtitles is a treat for the eager fans and many have finished seeing all the five seasons of the drama.

The one role that has lasted long impression on the fans is of Selcan Hatun, who transformed herself from betrayal and cunningness to become the saviour of her tribe despite all the suspicions surrounding her due to a murky past.

Famous Turkish actress Didem Balçın has played this role, which is still very much alive in Kurlus: Usman as well. Didem has played this role with such a forceful and convincing way that one can’t separate the two from each other.

The Turkish beauty in a recent interview with Turkish magazine Moodboard Mags has given her take on the role, summers and her marriage during the pandemic.

Selcan Hatun is now part of me

When Resurrection Ertuğrul started 6 years ago, I had no similar aspects with Selcan Hatun. But six years have passed, Selcan has gone a long way. Again, we do not have many similar aspects in character, but we have a common aspect. She and I learned to analyze people well. Unfortunately, we look forward very patiently. And if we trust, we will be with you until the end.


It's a big chance that I got this role. Unlike other players, my luck is that I am always on this long road and I don't really experience the stages. I grew up when Selcan was growing. On this long road, we took out the character together. Now it's part of me. I researched that period a lot and thought very much what and why Selcan did in every scene. It is still challenging and requires work, but it is not arbitrary. A very special role. It is my favourite character that I have played so far.

Turning point in life

The answer to this question so far was to win the exams of TRT Ankara radio when I was 6 years old. Because if I am an actor today and this profession is my bloodshed, it was my turning point to win this first exam. Now my second turning point is my marriage. I realized the marriage I dreamed of in my family.

Marriage during pandemic

It was a bit cruel to dream of having a wedding in the pandemic. All I and Can Aydın wanted was to be a family and have our home. If we waited for this pandemic to pass, we would still not be able to get married. Our plans were already getting married in June. When we realized that we could not do this as we imagined in April, we got married to the minimum possible organization.

Our loved ones watched us from Zoom. Only our family and our witnesses were with We had an unforgettable day. Once again, we have seen that the only thing that matters is love. Although we were with very few people, we took every precaution. It's been two months now and when I look back, I say "Good thing".

On spending free time

I take care to create time for myself whether I am full or not. Watching a movie or TV show with my wife, going to a place we love and being with our friends is the time I spend with him. What I like most when doing alone is my beauty and care rituals that I could not do during the busy set period. Walking, yoga, meditation style are activities that relax me. I also have an interest in everything that is organic.

I make my own care products. Everything is natural. My skincare is eyebrow-eyelash oil. I develop natural things for my hair. By doing all this, we can say that I am charging myself, an empty battery. When the battery is recharged, I come up with a new idea and am excited to produce it. I think about with whom we can do this, and then I get into the intensity again. So I'm getting busy again. This motivates me too.

On summers

Summer is excitement and happiness for me ... Like being happy for no reason. The tingling effect in the abdomen makes me feel the same effect on a mildly inspired summer day. Summer is hope for me to look at life again. Yes, I'm a summer person.