Nida Yasir appeals Pakistan embassy in Turkey to retrieve her stolen DIAMONDS

By: News Desk      Published: 11:23 AM, 17 Jun, 2021
Nida Yasir appeals Pakistan embassy in Turkey to retrieve her stolen DIAMONDS
File photo.

TV morning show host Nida Yasir requested the Pakistan embassy in Turkey to retrieve her stolen diamond jewellery which apparently holds a lot of value to her, and why not? Who wants their diamonds – a girl’s best friend – to be stolen?

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Nida Yasir has recently been seen spending a relaxed time in Turkey where she went for a vacation with her family and the pictures from her trip definitely portray that the popular host had a blast.

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Upon return from the trip, Nida resumed her hosting duties and at the set of Good Morning Pakistan, Nida revealed how she had a terrible experience in the alluring country.

Yasir started by saying that she was already aware of the dire theft situation in Istanbul as previously her sister had been a victim of it when her phone got stolen.

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While it seems that Nida was all too conscious of the stealing attributes of the Istanbul citizens, she still left her diamond jewellery in her handbag and hid it in the wardrobe.

All the heights Nida went to, to secure her diamond assets (sarcasm intended) her jewellery was still stolen from her hotel room.

The sad part is that Nida had to spend her last day at the police station trying to file an FIR and she did achieve her goal however she had to fly back instantly to Pakistan so her problem remained unresolved.

Now, Nida has requested the Pakistan embassy in Turkey to take the matter in their hands and retrieve her diamond jewellery from the ‘lucky’ thief.

Host Nida said, “Someone told us about the theft situation in Istanbul and my sister’s phone was also snatched in Istanbul that’s why I was aware so I left my diamond rings and pendants in a pouch and hid it in my handbag. My handbag was in the closet of my hotel room and someone probably from the room service picked it”.

She further added, “I spent last day of my trip in police stations of Istanbul waiting for my turn to register an FIR but after filing a report I went back to Pakistan the next morning and haven’t got my stuff back yet. I’ll now request the Pakistani embassy in Turkey to do something in this regard”.

We feel extremely bad for you Nida however it would have been wise if you would have taken better care of your valuable assets, also who leaves such expensive jewellery all by itself in a hotel room specially in a locality famous for its extreme theft situation?