YouTuber RHS returns to food vlogs with new zeal

Published: 11:51 PM, 17 Mar, 2022
YouTuber RHS returns to food vlogs with new zeal
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Gone were the days, when people were talking only about Mark Wiens or Trevor James (The Food Ranger). Though, there is no doubt that they are the trendsetters of the food vlogs, and inspired thousands YouTubers in Pakistan like Zia Tabarak (Street Food PK) and Rana Hamza Saif (widely known as RHS).

That’s right, talking about a young man, hails from Bahawalnagar, Rana Hamza Saif had started doing his business on YouTube about six years ago, when he was still a student, with content like comedy skits and random videos.

But, on one fine morning, there happened something amazing that indulged RHS into food vlogs. He started to create a breathtaking content, thanks to his great illustration of food, excellent cinematics, mind-blowing drone shots and selection of lovely background music.

Moreover, the way he does his review on food is just amazing, and this tells the whole story that RHS is a pure “foodie”.

RHS, who is currently living in Lahore, but explored almost all the main places of the country. Not only this, in 2019, RHS made his first food tour of United Arab Emirates (UAE), and one got to admire that the content was not less than the pure gold.

He continued his foreign journey, in the same year, when he reached Turkey and explored the local cuisine, that was a remarkable achievement by a young Pakistani, and once again, not only in food, but also in other departments, like delivering his speech, and using drone camera with perfection, RHS was ahead of his time.

RHS had planned more foreign trips, but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic adjourned his plans. Though, he was smart enough to create Quarantine series (in Ramadan 2020), in which he reviewed food, cooked by her mother, that was brilliant and an emotional series. Hope, he will create sequel of the series, this Ramadan.

But, it was in 2022, Rana Hamza Saif visited Egypt and explored the country’s tradition and food. Followed by his food trip to Egypt, ‘desperate’ RHS, finally had another opportunity to visit his favorite country, UAE and eat local foods like “Kunafah”.

Now, he is back on the mission of exploring the food of the country, with the new series “Food Ka Pakistan” on his main YouTube channel (Rana Hamza Saif-RHS). In this food series, RHS will cover seven major cities of Pakistan, which includes Karachi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Islamabad and Peshawar. 

As the trailer of the series suggest, that this will be the much better series, with better production, because loyal fans of RHS expects more quality from him. In response to which RHS will definitely try his best to create great content.

The first of the 13 episodes of “Food Ka Pakistan” also been uploaded by RHS on YouTube channel, in which, he started to explore food from Karachi.

Besides his main YouTube channel, RHS is also busy working for his another YouTube channel “Shapack Gang”, which, he mainly used for unboxing, biking and storytelling.

As, RHS comes up with another food series, hope that it would be another success for the young vlogger, and will help Rana Hamza Saif to complete one million followers on YouTube. 

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Omer Zahir

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