Pakistan should observe Al-Quds Day on Friday, suggests Shehbaz 

By: News Desk      Published: 07:51 PM, 17 May, 2021
Pakistan should observe Al-Quds Day on Friday, suggests Shehbaz 

Opposition Leader in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif said on Monday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is standing where Adolf Hitler stood.

Addressing the National Assembly session, Shehbaz Sharif said the Israeli brutalities and massacre of innocent Palestinians were a message for the third world and weaker nations that ‘might is right.

The PML-N president suggested that the coming Friday should be Al-Quds Day. Pakistan should play a leading role in getting the Palestine issue resolved.  He said the members of this assembly have to become the voice of the 220 million people of the country. 

He said whenever principals were compromised, the people paid the prices with their blood. He said everyone was sad about the Palestine issue. 

It is not only Pakistan or Muslim countries but many other western counties that have condemned the brutalities of Israel, he added.

“Israel has committed genocide of Palestinians,” he added. 

Innocent people were attacked in Al-Aqsa Mosque after which Israel's air force pummeled the Gaza strip and destroyed numerous homes, the Opposition leader said.

"Since 1948, the way that Israeli governments and their armed forces have attacked Palestinians is not hidden from anyone," he said.

In East Jerusalem, extremists had chanted “Death to Arabs” and the entire world witnessed the attacks on innocent Palestinians after that, he said.

He said that six to seven million Palestinians have been displaced from their homes because of Israeli aggression, adding that if a Muslim country had restored to such atrocities, then war would have been started against it.

He lamented that today the international media was silent on the issue. He questioned that where were the international powers and why were they silent on the brutalities of Israel. 

He said our foreign policy regarding Palestine and Kashmir was devised according to the saying of Quaid-e- Azam. He said we would support that policy until the Palestinians and Kashmiris people get their rights according to the resolutions of UNO. He said this was the responsibility of the incumbent government to play its due role in this regard. He said we should stand by our historical discourse regarding Israel. He said today it was an examination of the Muslim world and Pakistan. And the demand of the examination is that the leadership of the Muslim world call the meeting of OIC and get the Israeli attacks on Palestine halted immediately, he said. 

He said if a Muslim country would have done this kind of brutal act, the Western and world powers would have imposed bans on it. 

If we will not raise our voice for the innocent Palestinians, history will not forgive us, he said. He said that we should do lobbying with the Muslim counties who had developed diplomatic relations with Israel to press Israel to halt attacks on the innocent people of Palestine.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the only crime of Palestinians was that they were Muslims. 

She said that the condemnation resolution, which to is brought in the house, should be passed unanimously. 

If we do not do our proactive role, the whole region will be in danger and our future generations will not forgive us, he said adding that we should all vote for the resolution and after passing the resolution we should go to the office of the UN in Islamabad. 

About a video of a 10-year Palestinian girl which went viral, Shehbaz Sharif if we did not respond to the voice of innocent girls, we all would be accountable on Dooms Day. He said we will not disappoint our Palestinian brothers and sisters. He said we should not leave any stone unturned for helping out the people of Palestine.