Sonya Hussyn’s mother thought Shoaib Malik would be a perfect son-in-law

By: News Desk      Published: 11:43 AM, 17 May, 2021
Sonya Hussyn’s mother thought Shoaib Malik would be a perfect son-in-law

Pakistani actress, TV Host and model Sonya Hussyn Bukharee attended an Eid segment at the set of ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’ along with legendary Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and seemingly both of them had a blast.

While conversing about various topics during the show the conversation landed on Eid traditions as it was an Eid segment and Sonya got the perfect opportunity to talk about her amazing cooking skills.

This was certainly inevitable. As Eid without food is no Eid. Right?

While Sonya was enthusiastically sharing how she is a great cook, Shoaib stepped to her defence and declared that Sonya’s statement is certainly true as he had the chance to devour a delicious meal prepared by Sonya when he visited her place.

While Shoaib brought this up, Sonya remembered her mother’s intense reaction to meeting Shoaib Malik for the very first time.

Sonya revealed that her mother was completely bedazzled by the cricketer and instantly labelled him as a perfect partner for Sonya.

Actress Sonya’s mother thought Malik would be a perfect son-in-law.

How cute!

The most interesting part is Sonya’s parents didn’t know that Shoaib is already married to Indian professional tennis player Sania Mirza and already is a father to a son.

Shoaib declared, “I never went to her place again for a meal.”

Here is the video entailing all the juicy details. Have a look.