Maryam charges people with her Punjabi language prowess, anti-establishment speech

By: News Desk      Published: 12:48 AM, 17 Oct, 2020
Maryam charges people with her Punjabi language prowess, anti-establishment speech

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif Friday continued to bash PTI government and establishment with her blatant speech at the first gathering of the Pakistan Democratic Moment in Jinnah Stadium of Gujranwala.

Starting her speech unconventionally in the native language of Punjab province, Maryam charged the crowd by thanking them in Punjabi, praising them and taunting the Imran Khan-led PTI’s government that should have been the first opposition gathering against the government have proved the hint of the end of the government.

She said she did not come for her or her father’s cases, but came to put the case of the welfare of the people, democracy, judiciary and all other institutes that were feeling repressed due to the government’s high-handedness.

She accused that no one has questioned Asim Salim Bajwa’s alleged investments and his businesses. She said people may understand now that why Sharif family has been implicated in the corruption cases as CPEC project worth $60b has been given in the hands of Asim Salim Bajwa.

Maryam also repeated her party’s stance that former ISI chief General Zaheer-ul-Islam demanded the resignation of that time’s prime minister Nawaz Sharif to unseat an elected government.

She said they were accused of being a Sicilian Mafia but now the truth has been revealed as who was the real mafia that first created a shortage of food items and then increase the prices.

Maryam said the government would soon be toppled and the real democracy would return to the country.

She also asked the people whether to give an NRO to Imran Khan or not as she said his theft of votes has been exposed and questioned whether he will resign or people should overthrow him.

Soon after Maryam's speech, people started leaving the Jinnah Stadium of Gujranwala where the 11-parties opposition coalition had staged their first-ever power show. 

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