Shaan rejects Jawad Ahmad’s criticism on PM Imran Khan

By: News Desk      Published: 03:17 PM, 18 Apr, 2020
Shaan rejects Jawad Ahmad’s criticism on PM Imran Khan

In the past, famous singer-turned-politician Jawad Ahmad has been critical of Prime Minister Imran Khan. 

Ahmad slammed the Prime Minister for passing sexiest remarks against Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, calling him ‘Sahiba’ (miss) during an address in South Waziristan.

Taking to Twitter this time, Jawad said: “Imran Khan is shrewd and shallow. Even now, he is playing politics on Sindh Govt. Corona Tigers is more important to him than people’s lives.”

He further adds, “To protect his politics, he is taking no hard decisions including convincing and stopping clergy. He’d be responsible for Pakistan’s devastation.”

Actor Shaan Shahid was quick to reply, he came in defence of Imran Khan and said: “Prime Minister Imran Khan at least was not corrupt and questioned him that where he was when the corruption people were in power.”

In another Tweet, Shaan urged Jawad Ahmad to fully support PM Imran Khan as he was struggling during these hard times of COVID-19 and advised him to look to those who were doing better for the country and not those who were just better and doing nothing.

Ahmad later posted a video in response to Shaan’s comments.

In the video, Ahmad said: “Usually, I don’t respond to such comments and I really respect everyone from the showbiz industry, but the questions he raised require me to answer him. When he asked me where I was when there was corruption, so I was exactly where you were. I was singing, I was in the industry.”