Iqra Aziz says rapists should be publicly hanged 

By: News Desk      Published: 12:00 PM, 18 Aug, 2020
Suno Chanda Super Star Actress Iqra Aziz
Iqra Aziz

Famous television actress Iqra Aziz who rose to fame with hit serial ‘Suno Chanda’ recently in the web show of Iffat Omar opened up about her journey in Pakistan’s showbiz industry.

Speaking about Yasir Hussain, Iqra said: “Everyone in the industry used to ask me one question again and again, ‘Are you dating? Are you together? Are you not?’ I wanted to get away from all that. And I figured that instead of craving for each other’s time we should just get married,” she said.

Iqra said that at time of her wedding she was so much nervous but as soon as she reached the venue she became the happiest bride. 

She told everyone not to play sad music on her Nikkah or Rukhsati because it’s a happy occasion. 

The Suno Chanda actress also disclosed that she has always picked the characters she wanted to play without any advice from anyone else. “I’ve always felt that the damsel in distress can never be the only representation of a girl. There are bigger, more important narratives in her life,” she said.

Talking about character in drama serial Jhooti, Iqra said:  “Things are changing. We are getting more important roles now. But our audience takes the characters they see on screen very seriously. You can tell from the reaction I’m getting to the negative role I’m playing these days.” 

She further adds, “I believe we need to change the narrative. Instead of simply showing a husband return from work as his wife takes his briefcase, asks him to freshen up while she readies the table for him, the creators can also show her coming home from work or send her out to achieve something.”

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About Aurat March, Iqra said: “Last year the slogan negating how women are supposed to sit became very popular in our Aurat March – and I loved it. But I feel that’s a conversation we need to have with our elders. That mindset is deep-rooted,” she explained.

She went on to emphasise on how a rapist needed to be hung publicly so that he could be made an example of. “We need to publicly execute rapists. People may have different opinions on this issue, but I believe that a person capable of rape can never live amongst others without being a threat.”

She concluded saying:  “You need to make an example of a rapist so others like him can never dare to do what he did,” she emphasised.

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