PTI govt’s two years: A tale of unfulfilled promises

By: News Desk      Published: 05:29 PM, 18 Aug, 2020
PTI govt’s two years: A tale of unfulfilled promises

Prime Minister Imran Khan had assumed his office after making tall claims and attractive promises – a practice that continued even after August 18, 2018. But the first two years of the stint have so far turned out to be a tale of swift U-turns.

For example, the people were told the prime minister would move around without any protocol. However, we now see videos of motorcades with detailed security during his movement as well as the use of a helicopter for shuttling between the PM Office and the Banigala private residence.

The first three months were supposed to be free of foreign trips, but the prime minister started flying abroad just a few days after taking the oath.

Another announcement was about not using the special plane which actually has remained the preferred mode of transportation.

There was also an announcement about granting citizenship to the Afghans and the Bengalis residing in Pakistan for a certain period, which ended up as a false promise.

And perhaps, one of the most repeated claims has been of zero interference in bureaucracy. What did the people witness during these two years? A practice being practised religiously.

A related assurance regarding the change dawning after the July 25 elections has been of appointing people on important posts with merit being the sole criterion. So who got these jobs? The favourites and friends.

Meanwhile, the alleged higher power and gas tariffs were one of the most repeated lines of every speech in pre-2018 world. However, the reality is the people are now consuming the most expensive utilities in the country’s history.

Although we, the Pakistanis, were also told that there would be no corrupt people in the prime minister’s team. The reality is several of them are now facing serious charges.

On the other hand, the cabinet is now 50-member strong, which was supposed to be comprising a few people.

Imran had also promised to attend a weekly question and answer session in the National Assembly. However, there has been no such event with his attendance ratio being the lowest among the country’s premiers.

Things like ordinances were also supposed to be binned forever with the Parliament leading the legislation process. So what has happened in the last two years! Focus and reliance is on the ordinances. 

The Pakistanis were also told the photo sessions are a bad thing. Thus, the inauguration ceremonies of different projects were to be held by the relevant departmental heads. Unfortunately, our prime minister is leading on this front too.

Meanwhile, there is no progress on the promised open or direct polling for the Senate elections as well.

On the economic front, privatisation was listed as a mechanism of usurping the national assets. There would be no privatisation was the call. What we are having now is the decision to sell most of the state-run enterprises.

There were and are many unfulfilled promises and U-turns. But we must end here with two of the top of the list items: the IMF and the Metro.

The first pre-polls and post-polls announcement was about not approaching the IMF. Instead, we are now told regularly that the IMF is an essential feature of life.

On the other hand, the PML-N was blasted for introducing multiple Metro projects in different cities. It was described as a tool of commission and wastage of national resources through subsidy. However, the prime minister inaugurated the incomplete BRT Peshawar the other day, saying it will benefit the poor.