Wife says Justice Faez has nothing to do with London properties

Reveals she paid taxes both in Pakistan, UK: Gives details of how money was transferred: Describes how she is harassed for getting Pakistani visa: SC orders FBR to present tax record

By: News Desk      Published: 11:19 AM, 18 Jun, 2020
Wife says Justice Faez has nothing to do with London properties

The wife of Justice Faez Isa told the Supreme Court on Thursday that her husband had nothing to do with the agriculture land – located in Jacobabad and Dera Murad Jamali – which she inherited from his father or the properties purchased in London, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

She was recording her statement via video link before a 10-member bench headed by Justice Umar Atta Bandial, which is hearing the applications filed by Justice Faez against the presidential reference.

As the statement was completed, the court ordered the FBR to submit her complete tax record in a sealed envelope, with Justice Bandial observing that the complaint would be sent directly to the prime minister if the FBR was found guilty of being involved in any wrongdoings.

According to the senior Supreme Court judge’s wife, she bought her first property in the UK in 2004 and she had been working at the American School in Karachi.

Rehan Naqvi was her legal advisor who had advised that the agriculture income wasn’t taxable. She was awarded a tax certificate by the government after submitting tax returns. However, her tax record was shifted to Islamabad from Karachi and the FBR did not give any clarification why it had been done.

Meanwhile, the FBR did not cooperate with her, making her wait for hours and visit from one person to another.

Justice Faez’s wife, who repeatedly sobbed while sharing her version, said the money was transferred to London through a bank account registered in her name. The London bank account was also in her name, she said and added that the documents shared with the court were genuine; however, the time given to her was limited.

The details shared by her also show that one of the properties was bought for 236,000 pounds and a total amount of 0.7 million pounds was transferred.

Another property was purchased at a cost of 245,000 pounds where her son lives, while the third one costing 270,000 pounds is registered jointly in her and her daughter’s name.

Two of these two properties have been rented out while her son is the occupant of the one. However, she is not paying taxes now in the UK and Pakistan.

She also noted that the complete tax returns of the UK from the year 2016 were shared and the British government had also refunded the amount as she paid more tax than required.

In her statement, she also told the court that the properties bought in Clifton and Shah Latif were later sold.

About her personal life and other problems/ harassment she has been facing, Justice Faez’s wife said they had married on December 25, 1983 and remarked that she didn’t know at that time she would buy a property 21 years later in London.

Her CNIC was made in 2003 at a time when her husband wasn’t a judge and it was later renewed after it expired. The name listed in the CNIC is Serena Isa as her father is a Spanish and she too has a Spanish passport.

She was wrongly accused of using the judge’s office despite the fact that she got a five-year visa at a time when Justice Faez was a lawyer. Later, he hadn’t still joined judiciary when the visa was renewed.

According to Serena, she was given a one-year visa only in 2020 and that too after being harassed. A case has been developed against her as if she is a mastermind criminal.

Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court allowed the wife of Justice Faez Isa to give her statement via video link which would be recorded in the afternoon.

During the hearing, Justice Umar Atta Bandial, who is heading the 10-member bench, remarked that she should only use appropriate words and limit herself to explaining about her properties and assets. She was not a party before the court, he observed.

Earlier on Wednesday, Justice Faez offered the Supreme Court to listen to his wife who, he said, wanted to present her case via video link, after which the bench had observed that the matter would be decided on Thursday.

During the hearing of his applications submitted against the presidential reference filed against him, Justice Faez told the 10-member bench that she won’t share anything with the FBR.

The Supreme Judicial Council, he said, did not even ask him to appear in person and present his case, as he also questioned whether anyone hid the properties in London. It had been admitted that the properties belonged to his wife and children, said the Supreme Court judge.

Justice Faez remarked that he should be removed from the office if he wasn’t illegible to be a judge but added that the court should follow the law in making the judgment.

He said he was appearing before the court in his personal capacity. They should sue him if he had stated something wrong, Justice Faez challenged and added that he wasn’t even provided with the copy of the presidential reference.

When Justice Yahya Afridi remarked that they were hearing Farogh Naseem, the government’s council, and, therefore, it was not appropriate to allow any other person to speak, Justice Faez said he had to give his reply as the government had agreed with the proposal to send the matter to the FBR.

It all started as Justice Faez intervened during the arguments presented by Farogh Naseem and appeared at the rostrum. “It isn’t the case of Faez Isa, it is a case of every one of us,” he said.