Shehbaz demands inquiry into Taftan negligence

By: News Desk      Published: 06:57 PM, 18 Mar, 2020
Shehbaz demands inquiry into Taftan negligence

Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday said that asking the people not to get tested for coronavirus meant that the government didn’t have any strategy to tackle its spread.

He demanded a thorough inquiry into the Taftan incident to ascertain why those travelling back from Iran were allowed to move without screening and the reasons behind not ensuring proper health and accommodation facilities.

In a statement, the PML-N president warned that the rise in the number of patients showed the worsening state of affairs. Hiding the figures will neither change the facts nor the situation, Shehbaz added.

How one can stop the pandemic at the initial stage after showing symptoms without testing, Shehbaz questioned, while expressing his serious concerns over the coronavirus pandemic and economic situation in the country.

He noted that Imran Khan wouldn’t have talked about not to opt for testing if necessary arrangements had been made at the hospitals. No sane and sensible person could ever say that there was no need for tests, the PML-N president remarked.

Shehbaz said that the rulers had a similar approach towards the economy and the coronavirus and the two issues were becoming a serious threat to the national security and the people’s survival.

Keeping the people like a herd within a premises, Shehbaz said, was deplorable. The way a tent city was established at Taftan for those suspected carrying the virus had only exposed the government’s seriousness and its capability and ability, he remarked.

The opposition leader demanded comprehensive and effective steps to deal with the coronavirus and the economic affairs, saying that precious time had already been lost.

Criticising the 0.75 point cut in the interest rate while describing it a joke with the business community, he reminded that it was 6.5 percent during the PML-N government against the present level of 12.5 percent.

He appealed to the nation to look after those living around and asked the PML-N leaders, workers and supporters to play their role in creating awareness about the coronavirus among the people.