Zara Noor Abbas thanks fans for praising her work

By: News Desk      Published: 12:27 PM, 18 May, 2020
Zara Noor Abbas thanks fans for praising her work

Actress Zara Noor Abbas has expressed her happiness and thanked her fans for praising her work.

The actor took to Instagram to give a separate shoutout to everyone who, as she says, "made" her day.

She uploaded a video and wrote: "This is insane. This is beyond what I ever thought we could do with our lives to touch any of you from within. So many of you out there send so much love and support is almost unbelievable for me sometimes."

She further added: "But this feels so special. So warm and so so secure. A sense of togetherness. That in all of this, I have you guys around me. Thank you to all my fans. Wherever they are in the world. Thank you for believing in Truth and Positivity and goodness and yourself. Because when you do that, I believe you believe in me too. Because truly we are all just a reflection of what we see in each other."

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