Kid receives firearm use training in Rajanpur

By: News Desk      Published: 12:39 PM, 18 Sep, 2020
Kid receives firearm use training in Rajanpur

As the country is witnessing an alarming rise in crimes and the people, who can afford to do so, too are openly carrying weapons, it isn’t a surprise that the violence has been on the rise in our society. The best way to curb this trend is to teach the youth formally and informally against the use of force.

But what would you expect when you start training children about the use of firearms? Yes! It is not just a hypothetical question as a video appeared on social media in which a five-year-old child can be seen being trained on how to use a gun.

This video clip is from the Kacha area of Rojhan tehsil in Rajanpur district – notorious for the gangster and criminals taking shelter there. However, this practice cannot be condoned whether it is a police failure or the fear of armed dacoits.

Meanwhile, it is not clear who is the person training the little child on the use of firearms and for what purpose he opted to do so.

In this connection, police said they were making efforts to trace out the person in question.

Creating fear among others and hurling threats of violence through showing lethal weapons has sadly become a routine matter in society.

In one such case, the police in Rawalpindi arrested a youngster the other day for harassing a girl for over four years and posting threatening videos on social media while showing arms.

It is said that the girl’s family of the girl had registered a cybercrime case against the suspect almost a year ago but no action was taken.

Meanwhile, his father too has been detained albeit in a separate case.