Saudi wife celebrates second marriage of her husband

By: News Desk      Published: 10:03 PM, 18 Sep, 2020
Saudi wife celebrates second marriage of her husband

A Saudi wife who congratulated her husband on his second marriage by posting a video on Twitter has gone viral on social media, reported Cuty44 News Channel.

The woman, Umm Omar also attended the wedding ceremony of her husband and also celebrated the occasion with her children.

She shared the video of celebrating the second marriage of her husband with her children on Twitter and it has got a moemntous response.

“(Here’s) my modest gift to my husband on the occasion of his second marriage and I wanted to share it with you to spread peace and friendship among Saudi families, and I felt that our society needs positive models in marital life,” Umm Omar wrote.

She confirmed her blessing and acceptance of this marriage, saying she had been planning and preparing herself to accept the decision for four years.

“My husband lives in another city, where is his workplace, and I live in Medina .. I cannot go to his city, and we have been so for more than six years .. so finally I made my mind to encourage him to marry another woman,” Umm Omar said.

She said she made sure her children shared the joy of their father’s marriage.

She said in the future, they will be part of their father’s second family, sharing their lives with them, and they will be a consolation for them, as well as protecting them from feelings of hatred and problems we do not need.