People’s love for PTI gone due to skyrocketing inflation: Shehbaz

Says Imran Khan has ruined the economy in three years

By: News Desk      Published: 04:22 PM, 18 Sep, 2021
PML-N workers convention
TV grab.

PML-N President and opposition leader in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif while expressing his gratitude over the results of recently held cantonment board elections in which his party sailed very well has said that people have lost all their love for PTI government owing to unstoppable inflation, reported 24News HD TV Channel.

Addressing at a workers’ convention in Sialkot which is part of his public relations campaign, Shehbaz said that people might have voted for the PTI in the 2018 elections in the hope of change but nothing happened. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan who always talked about making Pakistan as historic state of Medina must know that nobody used to sleep hungry in that state. 

He was of the view that after three years people were becoming nostalgic about the Muslim League (Nawaz) government because in its tenure, they were getting free medicines in hospitals. He stated that he himself distributed free laptops among students and students were still getting benefit from them during the lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Shehbaz stated that foreign exchange had been spent carelessly during last three years of the present government. “This government is good enough to uproot inaugural plaques of projects initiated during the tenure of the PML-N government and put the plates of their own names,” he lamented. 

He congratulated Khwaja Muhammad Asif for spearheading the campaign for cantonment board election saying that he came to Sialkot to facilitate him. He said his successful campaign dealt a death blow to the PTI government in Sialkot. He was hopeful that his party would win the next general elections.  

Flaying the PTI government for failing to control inflation, the PML-N president said that sugar was used to sell at Rs52 per kg during a period between 2013 and 2019. 

Saad laments judiciary’s role 

Addressing the convention, PML-N leader Saad Rafiq said that the government was making false cases against its opponents. He mentioned that the PML-N took part in the long march for the judiciary’s freedom. 

“But the dream that we had seen of judiciary’s independence, cannot be realized,” Saad held alleging that the current government didn’t get majority in the 2018 elections but they were ‘brought’ to power. 

He said the Tax Laws, Third Amendment Ordinance, 2021 which was promulgated by the government yesterday that allows National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) to access details of the non-filers must be challenged in a court of law. 

He was of the view that that the matter of Electronic Voting Machines was also controversial. He warned the government of consequences if it tried to rig the next general election with the help of EVMs. 

Asif regrets NZ team tour cancellation 

PML-N leader and former defence minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif while addressing the convention said that that all the development in Sialkot city was made during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure. He regretted that New Zealand cricket team cancelled their tour over security threat saying that upcoming England team’s tour could also be cancelled on the same grounds.

He was of the opinion that the party’s success in the cantonment board election was due to the good service of Nawaz Sharif for the Sialkot city during his tenure. He said Nawaz made a promise about motorway and he built it. 

Kh Asif said Shehbaz initiated development projects from Multan, Sadiqabad to Attock during the last years of 1990s. 

He touted that that it was the PML-N government that rid the country of the ills of loadshedding and terrorism. He said that at the time of his government, the rate of dollar was Rs112 and now it had reached Rs172. 

PTI can’t eliminate people’s love for PML-N

On this occasion, PML-N General Secretary Ahson Iqbal said Sialkot was PML-N fort. He praised Kh Asif who courageously fought against the fabricated cases lodged by the PTI government and suffered in jail. 

He said that the PTI government could not eliminate Sialkot people’s love for the PML-N, no matter how much hateful utterances the government people kept making against them.

He said he challenged Imran Khan to prove even a single corruption charge in the development projects worth Rs3200 billion that were initiated in the PML-N tenure. 

Reporter Mian Ashfaq