Wasim Akram’s reunion with daughter turns gratifying as the family go on outings

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:42 AM, 18 Sep, 2021
Wasim Akram’s reunion with daughter turns gratifying as the family go on outings

Former cricketer Wasim Akram has returned after ten long months to his wife and daughter and it seems that Mr. Akram and his daughter share a powerful bond. We are about to give you some insight into the activities Wasim family indulge in especially after the former cricketer’s return to his household.

Wasim has shared a picture on his Instagram handle which if observed with keen understanding might portray just the kind of relationship a father should have with his daughter: open and friendly.

By the looks of it, Wasim and his daughter are sitting on a bench in a park however the duo is busy facing each other and seems like they are enjoying an engrossing conversation.

They are also smiling towards each other with immense fondness in the next click and the pictures are quite impactful as they manage to hint towards the right form of father-daughter understanding.

The Pakistani coach has attempted to bring humour in the caption of his post by commenting on how his daughter doesn’t take his advice seriously so how would he manage to coach an entire team.

The caption: “How my children seem to react to my advise these days! So how would I coach an entire cricket team then?”

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In another picture, Shaniera Akram and Wasim Akram are on a morning walk while the cricket personality has latched his daughter on his shoulders and the family beams towards the camera.

Mr. Akram mentions in the post caption how the family has taken the picture amidst a walk upon return from eating delicious Pakistani food from a restaurant in Melbourne.

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