Kangana stoops to comparison with Aamir Khan when her passport renewal plea got rejected

By: News Desk
Published: 03:17 PM, 19 Jun, 2021
Kangana stoops to comparison with Aamir Khan when her passport renewal plea got rejected
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We believe Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has a fondness for creating disruption therefore she instantly takes to her social media platforms as soon as something goes against her beliefs and the actress feels an intense ‘urge’ to convey her distinctive opinions regarding the issue at hand.

This time Kangana’s plea for passport renewal got rejected by Bombay High Court and many might wonder what the reason for this could be?

Many instances have been shared over the news in which Kangana’s ferocious personality took an adverse turn.

The prominent yet ‘dull-witted’ actress has A LOT of opinions regarding everything in particular however her point of views are so bizarre and sometimes negative that they cause an uproar over social media.

Kangana wrote: “[The] Mahavinashkari government has started to indirectly harass me again, my request for passport renewal has been rejected because a tapori/roadside romeo called Munnawar Ali filed a sedition case – yes, the irony of it is hilarious – on me."

She added further, "By the way, the case was almost dismissed by the court, yet, the court has rejected my request for a passport renewal with the reason provided being, ‘my request is vague’ hmm.”

But then the ‘Queen’ stooped low and started comparing herself to one of the most influential stars of Bollywood, Aamir Khan.

She put forward her defence by saying that Aamir Khan has also offended the government then why wasn’t he made to go through any kind of torture?

Here are Kangana’s words, "Please note, when Aamir Khan offended BJP government by calling India intolerant, no one held back his passport to stop his films or shoots. In no way he was tortured or harassed”.

Why does Kangana always has to compete? She could tone down her aggressive approach to everything and things might turn out to be just fine.

Miss ‘blunt’ Ranaut also pointed out that her passport renewal has been rejected because an FIR was filed against she and her sister by Bandra police after the duo took part in some intense brawl over Twitter.