Mahira Khan falls in love with an artist’s hilarious rendition of ‘uber-conversations’ 

By: News Desk      Published: 11:48 AM, 19 Jun, 2021
Mahira Khan falls in love with an artist’s hilarious rendition of ‘uber-conversations’ 
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A super creative Pakistani talent Amna Riaz has come up with a hilarious but soulful rendition of ‘uber conversations’ between cab drivers and customers as the promising tune which consists of dialogues carried out amidst confirming a ride manages to take internet by storm.

Miss Amna came forward with a unique concept and we can’t help but be immensely attracted to the seriousness of the melody but as well be utterly amused by the humorous yet appropriate lyrics.

Amna’s short clip has managed to garner massive views over social media and when we will tell you that superstar Mahira Khan has also applauded the enthralling concept, we are sure you will be impressed!

The attention-grabbing yet short track starts with: “Drop point?


Please thora jaldi

Arahay hain?

Araha hoon 

Bhai paani tou peenay do”

Haha! Such accurate choice of lyrics which makes us highly relate to the tune and thus it has managed to become a success.

Also, as uber/careem rides are becoming increasingly common throughout Pakistan, social media users found this particular piece highly befitting and we think Amna is one creative individual.

Amna captioned her post, “I’ve been told I make everything sound sad. I came across these Uber conversations through @notmanoj so I decided to test it out.”

Here is Mahira Khan’s comment for Amna’s rendition: "Love this”

Amna’s grateful reply: "no love u (me trying not to freak out)"