Ushna Shah’s UNROSY response to Rosie Gabrielle over ‘destructive tourism’

Ushna Shah on guard: “We don’t need YOU to ‘fix us’, Rosie Gabrielle”

By: News Desk
Published: 12:56 PM, 19 Jun, 2021
Ushna Shah’s UNROSY response to Rosie Gabrielle over ‘destructive tourism’
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Canadian travel vlogger Rosie Gabrielle has a lot of complaints regarding the kind of activities local tourists indulge in when they travel up Northern Pakistan.

The vlogger took to her Instagram account to post a stream of notes and clips revealing how the villagers of the north are extremely disturbed with the city people’s carelessness over polluting the beautiful landscapes through leaving trash, hosting bold parties in which there is usage of drugs and other courageous acts which don’t comply with the people of the traditional locality.

Rosie’s protest against the vile activities that city habitants indulge in while they spend relaxed vacations specifically in Hunza Valley managed to go viral over the internet.

It is obvious that all kind of views were bound to emerge regarding the topic at hand and we found the ‘Balaa’ star Ushna Shah professing deep criticism over the vlogger’s stance which could be rooted from her own insecurities?

Ushna Shah turned her real-life ‘Balaa’ mode on when she took to her Instagram account to bash the vlogger and her ‘white saviour wanna-be ‘ behaviour.

Actress Shah becomes VERY rude as she calls Rosie a ‘judgemental, condescending, white saviour wanna-be’.

And then Miss Ushna became defensive as she tells Gabrielle that ‘we don’t need you to fix us’.

Ushna’s defensiveness could be rooting from the fact that a foreigner has come to our lands and dared to speak negative regarding the people of our country. 

So maybe Ushna has turned so blunt as she contemplates that Rosie who she called a ‘white saviour’ feels superior to us.

While Ushna’s insecurities could be accounted valid here we do have to realise that Rosie’s stance is also not at all ‘false’.

The Canadian vlogger has conveyed some ‘real’ issues which the people of north face due to travel options becoming limited and a lot more people choosing to make plans for vacations for Northern Pakistan.

Ushna Shah further wrote in her Instagram story: ‘Pakistan needs to stop handing out YouTube visas’ 

Someone had to take a stand for the helpless villagers too right? And if it had to be Rosie Gabrielle then at least someone felt responsible for the exquisite beauty up north.