Anoushay Abbasi’s ‘Ghalti’ impresses everyone

By: Faizan Javed      Published: 12:09 PM, 19 Mar, 2020
Anoushay Abbasi’s ‘Ghalti’ impresses everyone

For decades, Pakistani dramas have been a mirror reflecting the times and scenarios the nation has gone through. Today, actresses don’t shy away from portraying more real characters that require more than just a dazzle of glamour.

It’s just that when some actors blow you away with their flawless performances and manage to retain their standards for quite some time, you begin to expect that these people can never go wrong.

One such name is Anoushay Abbasi, her performance in drama serial ‘Ghalti’ engages both heart and mind.

Talking to 24Newshd, Anoushay said:  “Ghalti deals with themes of greed, betrayal, family politics, and the injustice that women of our society have to go throughout their lives.

“With a great star cast, good script, and excellent direction, Ghalti is a well-crafted product that succeeds in fulfilling the audience's expectations,” Anoushay said.

The serial revolves around a married couple Zaira (Hira Mani) and Saad (Affan Waheed).

Before their marriage, Saad’s family was living at a house owned by Zaira’s parents Shabeer (Shehreyar Zaidi) and Nafeesa (Saba Faisal).

Due to some financial issues, Shabeer asks Saad’s mother Zaitoon (Saba Hameed) to vacate the house.

Things go sour; as revenge, she turns into a typical mother in law by making Zaira’s life literally hell.

Adding fuel to the fire, her daughters Maira (Anoushay Abbasi) and Aliya (Sana Askari) don’t let any opportunity to show Zaira down.

Saad is fed-up and frustrated with the situation and loses his cool on various occasion, that result in arguments and fights between the couple. Adding more to the horror, Saad loses his job too.

The latest episode ended on a cliff-hanger note when Maira accuses Zaira of having a secret relationship with her husband.

This doesn’t go well with Saad, and he slaps Maira for her shameful thoughts and accusation.

The vignettes and blown up situations of households make ‘Ghalti’ a delectable watch.