Came to power to share burden: Khurshid Shah 

By: News Desk
Published: 11:22 PM, 19 May, 2022
Came to power to share burden: Khurshid Shah 
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PPP Minister Khurshid Shah has said the coalition came to power to get rid of PM Imran Khan constitutionally, 24NewsHD TV channel reported Thursday.

“We did not want to come to power. We did so because all the people wanted Imran Khan ousted,” he said while talking to the media.

“We are bearing with the burden of problems created by the last government so that the people could be provided with relief,” he said.

 “Had we wanted to get into power, we would not have sought a charter of the economy for three years,” he stressed, adding that they had done a matchless job as the opposition.

He continued: “In such a situation, who would run the government for a few months or years, we attempted to take the burden on our shoulders. “We took the step to save the state from becoming Sri Lanka.

“If anyone is interested, who would sit and give speeches, then pass an order and take over the government. If the government had just ended, elections would have to be held in 90 days and this is impossible.”

He stressed he kept on saying that Imran Khan should let his term complete but people wanted Imran Khan removed 

“We were told that if Imran was allowed to stay then the opposition would also be responsible. Listen to one thing, Imran Khan will never be a hero.  This is all a temporary game, when you go to the polls you will know.”

“The only way for the presidential system is to abolish the constitution, and the constitution does not end with the ordinance.

“Khurshid Shah hinted at a grand election alliance against Imran Khan in the next election

If PTI has such a conspiracy then we also have to fight the election together.”

He smelled a rat, saying: “Let me be clear on one thing, a conspiracy is being hatched against Pakistan. Pakistan is being pushed into a ditch of darkness.” 

“This conspiracy against Pakistan dates back to 40 years ago, he said adding that Imran Khan was prepared under the conspiracy against Pakistan. 

Khurshid Shah also referred to Hakim Saeed's book Japan Story, saying:  “Maybe, winning the Cricket World Cup is part of the conspiracy. Transfer posting is not the job of the judiciary, he said. 

 A couple of days ago, the government decided to bring the electoral reforms bill to the National Assembly next week.

The government will bring legal and electoral reforms before and after the upcoming budget.  “Next elections could not be held before the electoral reforms.  The election commission has demanded seven months for preparations.