Maria Wasti talks about unprofessional culture in showbiz

By: News Desk      Published: 11:27 AM, 19 Oct, 2020
Maria Wasti talks about unprofessional culture in showbiz

Whoever aspires to be an actor has to confront, and sometimes comply with, inflated egos of those who call the shots. Then there will always be colleagues consumed by envy. If you’re lucky, you can escape all of that. But usually, that’s not how things pan out.

In her recent interview, Maria Wasti opened up about the unprofessional behavior of people in showbiz and how one should tackle it.

 She said, “You face many pleasant and unpleasant events and I had the pleasure to work with such people to whom I said that please don’t call me for any project. You can get offers from anywhere but how you deal with it and whether you say yes to it or no to it, it’s your responsibility. Before committing to anything I have both options. Saying ‘no’ is a very important thing.”

“There are some norms and protocols which you have to follow but bullying is wrong. You can like or dislike a person but bullying is not okay.”

“Some production houses don’t want to work with me and I can’t do anything about it but overall, this bullying culture is wrong and if I see it happening I won’t be a part of it. I will condemn it. If personally you like or dislike a person, you have to keep it aside when working together,” she said.

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