Who cares about NZ? The Universe Boss is coming to Pakistan!

By: News Desk      Published: 12:54 AM, 19 Sep, 2021
Who cares about NZ? The Universe Boss is coming to Pakistan!

International stylish cricket player Chris Gayle Saturday night offered the world to go Pakistan with him just to support sports.

In a recent tweet, the self-claimed Universal Boss announced, “I am going to Pakistan tomorrow, who coming with me?”

Giving a strong response to the unpleasant act of the New Zealand cricket team to return home despite ensuring foolproof security in Pakistan, some most prominent cricketers have become aggressive.

Most are criticizing the act of the Kiwis and some of them showed their sympathies with Pakistani cricket lovers.

So one of them, Gayle is reaching Pakistan as per his announcement for boosting up the morale of cricketers and their fans in Pakistan.

Another West Indian cricketer also raised his hand to accompany Gayle.

“i would also like to go with you people of pakistan are very loving i recommend to everyone that should do the tour of Pakistan and that too with Universe Boss Flexed biceps,” wrote Rutherford.

Same after his tweet, Universe Boss and chrisgayle started trending on the twitter.

Gayle’s coming to Pakistan would also make a very impressive impact on England and Australian teams and encourage them to visit Pakistan and play their scheduled matches here.

Anyhow, the gesture of Gayle has confirmed the fact that Pakistan is the safest country for cricket.

On Twitter, when Gayle aired his tweet, some of his fans took his decision very seriously and a commentary was started on his offer to others for going with him to Pakistan. Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir was quick to welcome Gayle.

“See you there legend,” he wrote.

Some very interesting replies on his offer were also received on his Twitter as one of the repliers suggested him that he should take Indian Prime Minister Modi with him to Pakistan.

The West Indian southpaw is the leading run-getter in the all T20s and a global brand for the shortest-version of the game.

Here are some reactions to his tweet.



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