Salman Ahmad shares his experience of COVID-19 recovery 

By: News Desk      Published: 01:07 PM, 20 Apr, 2020
Salman Ahmad shares his experience of COVID-19 recovery 

From famous people to common folk, the coronavirus pandemic is sparing no one. 

Popular band Junoon’s guitarist Salman Ahmad recently announced with his fans on twitter that he has been symptom-free for Coronavirus and his doctor advised to quarantine. 

In a video posted on his Youtube channel, Salman detailed his journey from the moment he began to experience the symptoms of coronavirus to finally render him safe once more.

Salman starts by talking about how the ordeal started. He had started to experience symptoms close to those of Covid-19 patients, when he was in New York.

The guitarist said he didn’t go to the hospital the only thing he did was quarantine himself for a while time. 

His doctor told him that given his travel history and the nature of the symptoms, there was a strong possibility that the guitarist had contracted COVID-19.

“When I told the doctor that I wanted to get tested. He said that at present neither testing kits nor n95 masks are available in hospital. There are only bodies,” Salman said in the video. 

Salman in the video said that all Pakistani artists should come together and create a motivational anthem during the current crisis.