Video of toddler walking down the ramp goes viral

By: News Desk      Published: 05:57 PM, 20 Aug, 2021
Video of toddler walking down the ramp goes viral

A toddler is melting hearts online as she walks down a ramp. The gorgeous video of the cute little girl enjoying all the attention has taken social media by storm.

The baby can be seen marching confidently like any other professional model. With a hand on her waist, she not only walks along as the crowd applauds loud, the child also stops midway for the camera. She shows her dress and turns to strike a pose.

The girl Aubrianna Castagna from Florida dress in a cute breezy summer costume, bright pink in colour. The moment was captured on the stage for World’s Perfect Pageant and Model Search Contestants for the teenage category.

As she was not on the official line-up, but clearly stole the show. A judge at the event, who is a photographer Kristen Weaver, was hooked to her powerwalk on the ramp.

Weaver added: “I never expected it to blow up but Aubrianna is an angel and I’m glad she’s making everyone so happy!”

The video with the perfect music goes viral on all social media platforms.

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