Thousands gather to show solidarity with Palestinians in Karachi

By: News Desk      Published: 01:05 AM, 20 May, 2021
Thousands gather to show solidarity with Palestinians in Karachi

Thousands from different walks of life gathered to show solidarity with Palestinians at Karachi Press Club on Wednesday.

The huge number of participants of the demonstration demanded an immediate ceasefire from Israel and an end of the attack on innocent and unarmed Palestinians.

The demonstrators, including representatives of civil society, officer bearers of the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ), Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), National Trade Union Federation (NTBA), Home-Based Women Workers Association Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), and the Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) called for an immediate end to the brutal attacks by the Israeli forces on the innocent and unarmed Palestinians.  They demanded immediate stoppage of forced eviction of the Palestinians from their houses in Sheikh Jarrah.

The demonstrators were holding placards and banners, condemning the genocide of Palestinians. They chanted slogans for the freedom of Palestine.

Due to the massive number of people, the surrounding areas like Saddar, Zainab Market witnessed traffic jams. A large number of families along with their children also joined the demonstration.  They said what was happening in Palestine was inhumane. They said they (the western powers) can block social media posts but we need to continue to raise our voice against these atrocities.

The demonstrators said they call on the government of Pakistan and the citizens to join the demonstration and hold protests across the country to show solidarity with the innocent Palestinians. “We declare our solidarity and support with the Palestinians. We strongly condemned the bombing of the media tower by the Israeli forces,” they said.

The protestors called for a progressive and prosperous Palestine. The organizers were of the view that the turnout was a lot more than they had expected. Pakistan and Karachiites care about this humanitarian disaster, they said.

KUJ General Secretary Faheem Siddique said this was such a big show of solidarity. He said he had never seen such a big number of people at KPC before. He lauded the Karachiites for coming out and showing solidarity with the innocent Palestinians.

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