PTI march date to be announced after core committee meeting: Imran Khan

By: News Desk
Published: 08:10 PM, 20 May, 2022
PTI march date to be announced after core committee meeting: Imran Khan
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Former prime minister Imran Khan has said the final date for the Islamabad march will be announced after the PTI core committee meeting on Sunday in Peshawar, 24NewsHD TV channel reported on Friday.

Addressing his supporters at the Multan public gathering, he said following a few developments including the decision against disloyal party lawmakers, the PTI core committee meeting has been convened in Peshawar on Sunday.

The date will be between May 25 and May 29, he said, stressing that he has been raising the demand for the dissolution of assemblies and announcement of a fresh election schedule as he won’t let the corrupt parties rule the state. 

He took swipe at the ruling coalition partners, calling them power-hungering parties. 

He said ex-PM Nawaz Sharif and his family have a history of fleeing abroad to evade accountability so that the corruption of this family could not be exposed.

'Political robbers on rampage' 

“Whenever NAB starts proceedings against the Sharif family, they flee abroad. In their rules, the Sharif family have always put thieve behind bars and let the political robber go on a rampage,” Imran Khan said.

He asked Maryam Nawaz why she has been expressing her resentment against him though the cases against her family were filed by the previous  Rulers.  Similarly, the PPP leadership has been doing the same. 

Switzerland has no economic base but it became a rich state as it has the accounts of political criminals, he said adding that all the people know who have been laundering the money to the Swiss banks by unfair means.

He kept on reminding his supporters that they are followers of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who never bow to such corrupt rulers. 

He questioned why the Americans orders the Pakistanis to obey their orders. These corrupt bow to the Americans, he explained.

'Cost of US obideince"

He continued to say: “Thousands of people died in US drone hits in the tribal belt while the area has been damaged in the US-led war in Afghanistan that cost Pakistani soldiers and other sons of the soil dearly.” 

He questioned why the country paid such a heavy price. He said when he refused to budge, Americans approached this coalition that happily accepted Washington’s demands for saying yes to them. “Since I was elected by the people of Pakistan, so I did not let the people bow to Americans,” he said. 

He added Americans never asked Indian admin why they were using brutal force against innocent Kashmiris and Washington never barred Israel from unleashing brutal attacks on Palestinians.

As the PML-N and PPP leaders are corrupt, so they bow to the US pressure in a bid to save their corruption, he said. He questioned if the PPP and PML-N dare ask the UK to extradite Altaf Hussain and why the US drone attacks were allowed in violation of international laws.

'Show of public support' 

The former premier said: “When they removed me, I decide to take to the streets even if no one stood by me.” 

He said he had no idea the nation will back him and the participation of women and children in such a great number. 

Imran Khan claimed that babus, ex-servicemen, police, and people from various walks of life joined the movement for real independence.

The PTI has said that no revolutionary movement will be successful until the women back it.

'Tribute to women and children' 

The ex-prime minister expressed gratitude to the women of the southern Punjab district for their participation in the demonstration.

He also paid tribute to the continuous support of the youth he has been enjoying since he launched the movement.

“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) got his follower freed from the fear factor and brought in the revolution,”  he said urging his supporters to be unafraid of the corrupt rulers.

Since Imran Khan has been saying he has been facing life threats his party personnel has stepped up security. Reports said High profile security officials issued a threat alert to PTI leadership about a possible attack on ex-PM Imran Khan.

However, Imran Khan has been refusing to budge, sources said.