Saheefa IGNORES criticism thanking fans who lauds her bond with papa  

By: News Desk      Published: 01:13 PM, 20 Oct, 2021
Saheefa IGNORES criticism thanking fans who lauds her bond with papa  

Model turned actress Saheefa Jabbar Khattak has posted a long note on social media in which she has thanked those fans who appreciated her strong bond with her father which was showcased in a video posted previously by the actress and it ended up gathering quite a lot of criticism.

Saheefa has stated in the long appreciative note that her parents mean everything to her and every girl should have a father like her dad. According to Saheefa, her dad is perfect as he made sure the actress acquired proper education and also because of him, Saheefa is who she is today. Independent.

Saheefa stated: “Every girl should have a father like my father who trusts his daughter and motivates her to move forward in life.”

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This declaration which came from the actress’ end might be an answer to all the trolling which emerged previously on a video she posted with her papa in which they were seen lying down side by side enjoying quality time. 

The response which only revolved around thanking those people who wished the showbiz personality and her father well might be a way to show trolls that Saheefa doesn’t care at all for any negativity which might arise regarding her family members.

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