Hareem Shah 'lectures' Mufti Qavi on ethics, and he takes it!

By: News Desk      Published: 01:19 PM, 20 Sep, 2020
Hareem Shah 'lectures' Mufti Qavi on ethics, and he takes it!

A video call between TikTok star Hareem Shah and religious scholar Mufti Abdul Qavi has been making rounds on social media in which Hareem Shah can be seen arguing with Mufti Qavi and said, "I did not call you to listen to your speeches and nonsense. I have to ask you that you claim to be a scholar of Islam. In this age it is not suitable for you to flirt with girls that are the same age as your daughters,” reported City42 TV channel Sunday.

But her fury was of no avail as Mufti Abdul Qavi kept on insisting to the TikToker, “Please show me your face.”

Hareem Shah became arrogant and said, "I will not show you my face. You have slandered the name of Islam, you are the devil and you are a father of the devil.”

After this statement, Hareem Shah laughed and one could not ascertain whether the video was spontaneous or was a deliberate effort.

She also uses abusive words for Mufti Qavi at the end of the video clip circulating on social media. 

Earlier, Mufti Abdul Qavi's dance video with a Chinese girl and other controversial videos have also surfaced.