Engin Altan aka Ertugrul shares first trailer of upcoming series ‘Barbaros’

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:21 AM, 21 Jun, 2021
Engin Altan aka Ertugrul shares first trailer of upcoming series ‘Barbaros’

It is a time of absolute bliss for the fans of Engin Altan, our very own Ertugrul who managed to break all records by providing Pakistanis with swoon-worthy entertainment in the form of a Turkish series known as Dirilis:Ertugrul.

You might have already figured out by the title that we are going to announce something immensely worthwhile.

Previously, it had been revealed that Engin Altan had been casted in a Turkish series known as Barbaros.

The exciting news is that the very first trailer for Barbaros has been released, the short yet sweet trailer managing to stun us on another level.

Engin Altan took to his Instagram story to share the very first clip of his upcoming project.

This is a battle scene between the ships showing the calm demeanour of Ertugrul-famed actor during the situation who is shouting his man to wait before ordering to give a final blow to rivals for victory. 

People who have observed Altan’s acting with keen eyes must already know that the actor has a skill of keeping the character depiction precisely on-point with so much ‘charm’ oozing out of his impeccable acting skills that it is difficult to divert our attention.

The same goes for this short clip which Engin has shared on his social media handle.

Ertugrul’s fans must already be able to predict by the engrossing trailer that we might be about to encounter another roller coaster in the form of Turkish series: Barbaros.

We just hope that we don’t get disappointed and Engin lives up to our expectations.

Engin Altan will be acting for the role of the elder brother of ‘Hayrettin Pasha’ (Barbarossa), the Ottoman admiral of the Ottoman Navy who during the mid-16th century, through his well-articulated conquests made the Ottoman rule over the Mediterranean.