Wajahat Rauf feels Fahad Mustafa is self-obsessed

By: News Desk      Published: 04:27 PM, 21 Jun, 2021
Wajahat Rauf feels Fahad Mustafa is self-obsessed

Renowned Pakistani film director Wajahat Rauf could be labelled as someone who chooses to be VERY straightforward most of the times.

At the set of ‘The Couple Show’ which is hosted by Aagha Ali and Hina Altaf, the director made an appearance with his wife Shazia Wajahat.

As we proceed further, we would like to tell you that Mr Rauf is considered to be a fairly influential member of the showbiz industry as he has taken part in directing many hit projects through his production house known as ‘Showcase Production’.

During the engrossing conversation being held out at the show, the top-notch director revealed one of his reservations about a fairly accomplished Pakistani actor and host, Fahad Mustafa.

Wajahat feels Fahad Mustafa is self-obsessed as he has a habit of ALWAYS praising himself during various interviews.

Wajahat declared, “Wo har interview main apni hi tareef karta rehta hai, wo jo logon ko cheezien bhi bant’ta hai”.

While director Rauf was reluctant to take the name of the widely recognized actor who is celebrated on a massive scale for his hosting abilities, his wife Shazia decided to let the man relax and took Fahad Mustafa’s name on his behalf.

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