A rotten baingan can paralyse the whole city!

By: News Desk      Published: 03:07 PM, 21 Mar, 2021
A rotten baingan can paralyse the whole city!

As the sayings go that a rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel or a rotten fish can spoil the whole pond, a new proverb may knock at the intellectuals’ minds that a rotten baingan (brinjal or eggplant) can paralyse the whole city.

It may look far-fetched but a situation was developed in the Pakistani city of Gujranwala where a case of rotten baingans (brinjal or eggplant) led to a heated argument, then to a clash, then use of firearms, injuries, protests and finally road blockage which then prompted the authorities to intervene and defuse the situation, reported 24NewsHD TV channel on Sunday.

It all started with a simple veggie sale when a customer bought one kilogram of baingans (brinjal or eggplant) in Qila Deedar Singh area but they turned out to be rotten when he checked them at his home.

The situation took an ugly turn when both the buyer and the seller could not settle their dispute, exchanged harsh words and threatened each other.

After some time, the buyer returned with a party all armed with weapons and opened fire in the Sabzi Mandi which resulted in injuries to one young man.

Now, it was the turn of the market traders who quickly gathered as soon as the armed men left the scene. 

The members of the Anjuman Tajiran Sabzi Mandi staged a noisy protest outside their veggie market and even blocked the Main Hafizabad Road paralyzing many areas of the Gujranwala city.

Enough is enough! The police rushed to the spot and took control of the situation. To defuse the situation, they cooled down the traders and promised them prompt action.

The police also confirmed that it all started due to the rotten baingans (brinjal or eggplant).

The DSP Circle Gujranwala also reached the protest site and persuaded the traders to reopen the road and allow traffic resumption.

He said they will soon arrest the culprits with the help of the CCTV footage.

The police also collected evidence from the scene including empty bullet shells. They also conducted raids to arrest the accused.

Reporter Zahid Iqbal Rana