Maryam tells PM he has lost as people have shown him ‘red card’

Believes no-trust move would become successful with ‘neutrality’: Says no need to buy those who already want to desert PTI

By: 24 News
Published: 03:02 PM, 21 Mar, 2022
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PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz has said that no-confidence motion will become successful with ‘neutrality’ as people have shown ‘red card’ to Prime Minister Imran Khan, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

While talking to media outside the Islamabad High Court on Monday where Maryam and her husband Capt ® Muhammad Safdar came to attend Avenfield case against them, she poked fun at Imran Khan’s remarks about remaining ‘neutral’. 

“What kind of message you want to give when you say if a person remains neutral, he is an animal,” she said. She was of the view that the ego of one person was pricked after uttering just one word ‘neutral’ and the whole year’s struggle came to an end with it.

She said that people had shown him ‘red card’ and they wanted him to go. “You have lost the game. Nobody will come to save you,” she said emphatically. 

While taking a jibe at PM Khan, Maryam said that his party had been disoriented. “It has become an uphill task for you (PM Khan) to keep 10 of your party members in your fold, how could you manage to gather 1 million people in your rally,” she asked mockingly.

Talking about defections in the PTI, she mused herself by saying there was no need to buy those who already had made up their mind to leave the party. “Now you are entreating them to come back,” she derided the PM. 

She said that Nawaz Sharif who was sitting abroad, he had knocked you (PM) down in your own house. 

Giving reference to Imran’s speech in which he said that he would become dangerous, she said the opposition was not threatened by it. She was confident that the no-confidence motion would be successful with ‘neutrality’. 

Maryam further stated that the PTI’s count was short even in 2018. It was short in Gilgit-Baltistan and Senate, she added.  

Hitting out at the PM, she said Imran wanted to put his opponents behind the bars. “But those who put Nawaz Sharif in jail, they have attacked you in your house,” she said scornfully. 

Replying to the beleaguered government’s claim that no-confidence motion against PM Khan was a conspiracy hatched by some foreign country, Maryam denied it saying no country was involved in any kind of conspiracy. 

“Even friends of Pakistan are angry with you. This is not a conspiracy. Rather it’s a karma,” she held adding that it’s time Imran would be held accountable. People are calling the name of Nawaz Sharif, she added. 

In a lighter vein, Maryam said the money which NAB had already given to its lawyers in the London property case, the property itself was not even worth it. She said that Imran had to give account of all the public money which he had wasted on the (politically motivated) cases.

Talking on this occasion, Capt ® Safdar said that the entire nation would reach the D Chowk on March 28 where resignation would be demanded from Imran Khan. He said people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would be happy on his resignation. 

Court asks NAB to provide solid evidence in Avenfield case 

Earlier, the Islamabad High Court heard petitions challenging the acquittals in Avenfield reference. 

During the hearing, Maryam Nawaz’s lawyer, Irfan Qadir, pleaded with the court to hear him first as he had submitted an application seeking acquittal in this case on the basis of legal irregularities.

Justice Amir Farooq remarked that the court would hear the petition on merit. After hearing NAB, the court would hear your argument, Justice Farooq assured Mr Qadir.

The NAB prosecutor told the court that in this case services of several corporate experts were sought to conceal the identity of the owner of London property. 

Justice Farooq remarked that it was NAB’s responsibility to provide evidence which should be without an iota of doubt. He said the NAB must prove how did the people conceal beneficial ownership.

Imtiaz Siddiqui appeared before the court as NAB prosecutor. 

 Reporter Ehtisham Kiyani