Shahjahan and Mehru face another hiccup in their relationship in Meherposh

By: News Desk
Published: 03:22 PM, 22 Aug, 2020
Shahjahan and Mehru face another hiccup in their relationship in Meherposh
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Meherposh has been one show that has been high on the intensity from the very beginning. 

It isn’t your run of the mill love story where a boy meets a girl, they fall in love and everything works out for them. 

Produced by 7th Sky Entertainment under Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, this is a story that’s heavy on emotions, drama and relies on the performances of its leads. 

Each episode explores a new aspect of Shahjahan and Mehru’s lives, often ending with a storm for both of them.

The latest episode of Meherposh was exactly what you would expect from it.

It begins with Shahjahan expressing his dislike towards Naeem and his mother who keep showing up in front of Mehru. Naeem however is still insistent on doing something nice for Mehru and asks his mother to help him.

Shahjahan shows his mother the ring that he has gotten for Mehru. Unable to control himself any longer, he asks her to visit Mehru’s place the same day and put the ring on her finger. 

Seeing Shahjahan’s excitement and restlessness, she goes to Nusrat’s place and puts the ring on Aayat’s hands instead of Mehru, knowing full well the ring was for her and not Aayat. Mehru is shattered when this happens but manages to control her emotions.

Shahjahan calls Mehru to ask about what happened after his mother dropped by their place. 

She sends him a picture of Aayat and although confused at first, his friends make him notice the ring on Aayat’s finger. 

Realizing what has happened; Shahjahan rushes to his home and confronts his mother. 

He is aware that she pulled that stunt because she dislikes Mehru even though she pretends to not know about the feelings he has for Mehru. He tells her he won’t marry anyone else but Mehru and asks her to clarify the misunderstanding. 

Still, in disbelief, Mehru tries to process everything that has happened. What hurts her more is when she see how elated Aayat is about her union with Shahjahan. 

She tells Mehru how she has always loved him and feels incredibly blessed to become a part of his life. 

The episode comes to end with a telephonic conversation between Shahjahan and Mehru during which he tells her it is enough that the both of them love each other and that’s enough reason to get married and if that isn’t enough, he suggests they get married in court. 

Fans of the show were eagerly waiting for Mehru and Shahjahan to finally get together but it looks like they have to wait a bit more as another hurdle has come up in their way.

The next episode promises to have a lot of drama as it’s shown in the teaser. We look forward to seeing what happens next and will fate finally favor these two. Meherposh airs on Friday at 8pm.