Social butterfly Hareem Shah becomes expert at consistent SHEESHA sessions 

By: Iqra Ejaz      Published: 11:22 AM, 22 Aug, 2021
Social butterfly Hareem Shah becomes expert at consistent SHEESHA sessions 

Hareem Shah, a social media personality who has managed to garner a gigantic fan following has now posted another ‘SHEESHA’ video on her Instagram handle.

If you aren’t already familiar, Hareem Shah is on an extensive honeymoon in Turkey. Already discovering the promising scenery and perks Istanbul has to offer, now the TikToker is exploring Antalya however Hareem’s husband has not yet made an appearance in any of the posts that she uploads on her social media handles, the identity of Miss Shah’s better half is still not revealed.

One thing which remained consistent throughout Hareem’s travelling in Turkey was her constant sheesha sessions.

The internet sensation previously posted a bunch of videos in which she was spotted enjoying ‘hooka’ gatherings in cafes where many Turkey residents were also found having a blast while they smoked sheesha like there was no tomorrow.

The most recent video that Miss Shah has shared portrays the TikToker making most of her time in Antalya by again indulging in a heavy ‘hooka’ escapade however now it seems that Hareem might have become a sheesha addict because the TikToker is smoking with such proficiency which only manages to make an appearance after someone becomes a little too familiar with a habit.

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During the video, Hareem is donning a green kurta while her hair is tied in a bun.

Hareem Shah is a renowned TikTok sensation who enjoys a massive fan following on various social media platforms and is also included in the list of most controversial personalities of the nation.

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