Euro up 92 paisas against rupee, dollar down 27 paisas

By: News Desk      Published: 05:27 PM, 22 Jul, 2020
Euro up 92 paisas against rupee, dollar down 27 paisas

The US dollar again shed 27 paisas against the rupee in inter-bank trading on Wednesday and closed the session at 167.63, reported 24NewsHD TV channel.

Similarly, the dollar was down in open market as well and was available for Rs167.90 after losing 30 paisas in its value.

But it was euro that performed well against the local currency by gaining 92 paisas in inter-bank rate and 50 paisas in open market, thus ending the session at Rs193.06 and Rs192 respectively.

However, the pound sterling was down 93 paisas in inter-bank exchange rate and closed Rs212.10. Meanwhile, it remained stable in open market at the previous day’s rate of Rs213.

It was the second consecutive day of dollar shedding some of its value after setting a new record on Monday when it was traded for Rs168.30 in inter-bank exchange rate after a gain of 97 paisas.

But it wasn’t just the dollar as the euro was up by Rs2.36 and the pound sterling by Rs1.87 during a session where the rupee was bulldozed by the world’s top currencies.

By the timing trading was closed, the euro was available for Rs192.90 and the pound for Rs211.76.

On the other hand, the dollar closed Monday at Rs1.68.80 in open market after gaining Rs1.20. Similarly, the euro was available for Rs191 with a gain of Rs1.50 while the Rs1 means the pound ended the day at Rs212.

Last week saw the dollar gaining 98 paisas in inter-bank rate and 80 paisas in open market. The euro, meanwhile, was up by Rs3.08 in inter-bank rate and Rs2 in open market.

Meanwhile, the pound closed the week a gain 52 paisas in inter-bank trading and 2 paisas in open market.