‘Scared’ Ahmad Shah chooses between Fahad Mustafa and Waseem Badami

By: News Desk      Published: 02:19 PM, 22 Jun, 2021
‘Scared’ Ahmad Shah chooses between Fahad Mustafa and Waseem Badami
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Jeeto Pakistan sensational host Fahad Mustafa takes the definition of versatility to the next dimension as he has the talent to take on any task and excel at it.

Our very adorable Ahmad Shah who is a young child but has managed to garner massive popularity solely due to his super cute personality traits made an appearance along with actor, host Fahad Mustafa at the set of Har Lamha Purjosh hosted by Waseem Badami.

During the highly enjoyable segment, the child sensation was asked to determine whether he likes Fahad Mustafa or Waseem Badami’s looks better.

Before we proceed further, let us tell you that famous film director Wajahat Rauf has recently claimed that Fahad Mustafa is exceedingly self-obsessed and is always praising himself in various interviews.

Moving on to Ahmad’s response:

“No, Fahad Mustafa is better looking because he will get angry later on if I will take Waseem Badami’s name.”

Wow Fahad. Aren’t you extremely particular about the kind of response you receive regarding your looks.

Ahmad might be young but the lad certainly possesses adequate diplomacy skills as he further declared that he is a fan of both the hosts and enjoys watching their shows equally.