LCCI elections: PIAF Alliance wins trade groups’ support  unconditional 

By: News Desk      Published: 10:33 PM, 22 Sep, 2020
LCCI elections: PIAF Alliance wins trade groups’ support  unconditional 

A large number of city markets and trader groups have announced unconditional support for the PIAF-Founders Alliance in the upcoming Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry upcoming elections.  

PIAF-Founders Alliance Chairman Mian Ashraf and Co-convener Mian Nauman Kabir said that several more markets including Ferozepur road market, Anjuman Tajiran Loha Market and Shaheed Ganj Landa Bazaar have also announced their support for the Alliance. 

In a specially arranged meeting of PIAF-Founders Alliance Traders, different markets boards unanimously announced their support for the Alliance, they added. 

Mian Nauman Kabir, who is also PIAF chairman, said that All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association (APPMA) and hundreds of traders of its affiliated markets have already announced their support for the PIAF-Founders Alliance in the LCCI elections

He said that almost all major markets including Brandreth Road, Circular Road, Railway Road, Mcleod Road, Bilal Ganj, Plastic Market, Chamberlain Market, Anarkali, Samnabad, Jail Road, Samanabad, Ichhra, Hall Road, Steel Sheet Market, Akbari Mandi, Sabzi Mandi, Rang Mehal, Neela Gunbad, Urdu Bazaar, Ganpat Road, Badami Bagh, Shah Alam Market, Beadon Road, Timber Market, Landa Bazar, Anarkali and Ferozepur Road have announced to support the PIAF-Founders Alliance.  

He hoped that the Alliance would win the forthcoming election with a thumping majority, as their manifesto stands for services to LCCI members, who want their businesses to grow; opening up LCCI doors to all. He said that they would raise all the business issues at all relevant forms, help ensure businessmen access to soft loans

-interest rate loan for their working capital needs or expansion plans.  

He said that they are fully satisfied with the performance of the Lahore Chamber, being run by the PIAF-Founders Alliance for the last 16 years. 

Mian Nauman Kabir promised that Alliance would raise all the business issues at all relevant forms.

The Associate class candidates include Nasir Hameed, Kashif Bashir, Maqbool Siddiqi, Salim Asghar, Shehzad Butt, Naeem Hanif, Shahid Nazir and Ali Afzal.  

He said that during the door-to-door election campaign, the Alliance candidates held meetings with businessmen belonging to the Lahore Township Industrial Area, the Sunder Industrial Estate and the Kahna Katcha Industrial Estate. 

They gave a brief introduction of their candidates and threw light on the LCCI’s achievements this year. He said that PIAF-Founders Alliance’s candidates have an edge over their rivals, as the Alliance is receiving more and more support from different trade bodies and industrialist wings. 

Furthermore, he said that the Alliance had nominated candidates who were considered experts in their respective fields and possessed a strong understanding of the country’s economic issues.