Afghanistan: Pakistan should not acknowledge Taliban govt in haste

By: News Desk      Published: 03:48 AM, 23 Aug, 2021
Afghanistan: Pakistan should not acknowledge Taliban govt in haste

Pakistan should not go for acknowledging the Taliban government in haste to avert international isolation, senior journalists and political analysts suggested on Sunday.

During a 24NewsHD programme, DNA, senior journalists and analysts –  Salim Bokhari, PJ Mir, Iftikhar Ahmed and Javed Iqbal –  stressed that Pakistan should wait for the world's response to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

Citing JI chief Sirajul Haq's demand for recognising the Taliban government immediately, Iftikhar Ahmad asked if the delay would serve the purpose.

He questioned why Hikmat Yar is inviting India to play its part in Afghanistan at a time when Delhi is under fire for its role in Kabul.

Salim Bokhari said India has been licking its wounds after being failed to accomplish its evil designs. Gloom prevails in India and Delhi's notorious deeds has been exposed, he said adding that Nato came to know that India hoodwinked them for years and India is facing international isolation.

They are shockingly surprised at the failure of Afghan forces as billions of dollars were spent on training the local forces in 20 years, he said.

Former president Donald Trump and UK's Tony Blair too came down hard on the US for its troops' pullout plan, the senior journalist said. He stressed Pakistan should avail the opportunity and continue with efforts to expose India at all international forums.

PJ Mir raised concerns over the possible civil war in Afghanistan and said the US will use India for a proxy war in Afghanistan. Citing the US intelligence agency's report about Daesh attack possibility, he said Americans have been urged to stay away from the Kabul airport.

He pointed to a fresh wave of terror in Balochistan and said the Afghan turmoil would affect Pakistan adversely.

Javed Iqbal said the US and other European states have been seeking Pakistan's help for securing the return from Afghanistan.

They ignored Pakistan's importance for two decades, he said, adding that in a visit to the US, former Pak Army chief Gen (r) Kiyani made it clear that $9 billion annual spendings would be wasted but Wash into did not pay head to his view.

The DNA team took up the political situation in the country and PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal's remarks about corruption charges. Salim Bokhari said the government has been busy with political persecution in the name of accountability.

Javed Iqbal seconded Salim Bokhari's stance, saying the judiciary too raised concerns at the political persecution. In reply to the PJ MIR question, if the government influencing courts orders, Javed Iqbal said since the state organs are under the government, these are being used to serve its 'personal interest'.

The end of the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman's term also came under discussion and the panel proposed making PJ Mir head of PCB.  PJ Mir said he served the board and would be ready to do so if he gets a chance.