Netizens LOVE teaser of Falak-Sarah’s new action-packed song ‘Lagay Pyari’  

By: News Desk      Published: 11:22 AM, 23 Aug, 2021
Netizens LOVE teaser of Falak-Sarah’s new action-packed song ‘Lagay Pyari’  

The star couple of the nation, Falak Shabir and Sarah Khan are determined to succeed in the world of showbiz at an alarming rate and if the chance has appeared for them to shine side by side then why not?

Previously, Sarah and Falak introduced a song known as ‘Zindagi’ which managed to stand out impeccably due to the duo’s amazing synchronization skills and an impactful on-screen persona.

However the exciting news is that Mr. Falak and Mrs. Falak have now decided to introduce another song.

The teaser for Falak Shabir’s new track ‘Lagay Pyari’ is out now and just a quick update: The teaser is mighty promising.

Firstly, it’s fully action-packed. The concept is quite different and we think this song might prove to hit the right chords as well.

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Social media users are ECSTATIC. The comment section contains appreciative messages from the netizen community as Sarah and Falak are widely admired as a couple.

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Best of luck, Falak and Sarah! 

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